My virtual Partner : Microsoft

Microsoft , the first word about the computers  that I heard  when I first time saw  a computer . Latter I knew that this techno giant change the world day per day  by make the  computers easier to  reachable for common people  . And the company not only sell the software’s but also gives various training , certification and other valuable services . Various programs like Microsoft Virtual Academy , MTA etc. are organizing by Microsoft today . Due to user friendly behavior and better performance the Microsoft win the heart of the people . In my country the computer come in late 60s . And now 90 % percent of computer are operated by Microsoft operating system “Windows” . The reason beyond it is the better graphics , user friendly OS and other facilities according to users requirements . Image My school started computer education from class third . They taught us LOGO  on DOS Operating system . The first program I learn to use the  MS Paint  . The interesting thing is that when I was in class 5th my classmates had very little knowledge of windows so we often use the Control Panel as a game  😀 and learn new thing every time .  From there I latter learn the PowerPoint , excel , outlook ,  and other popular Microsoft technology . My first computer and the todays computer both are operated on windows platform . Image Now I am student of software engineering field so I want to know more and more about software and hardware technology .  And this all become possible by Microsoft Technologies .  I don’t like to go extra classes . Microsoft give me the solution as  ‘ Channel 9 ‘. Because from here any one can learn C# , HTML 5 , JS etc. language and also learn to make the various types of apps develpoing like windows phone , azure , web apps , websites also . I  regularly watch the video lectures of bob tabor and other experts of Microsoft . I am also  active  member of Microsoft Virtual Academy . The regular events organizing by the Microsoft helping me to improving my skill and enhancing  knowledge day per day .  Currently my favorite application is Windows Speech Recognition System  .   Capture   Microsoft developer studio known as Visual Studio is a very impressive and fully packed IDE with continue updates and all silent features of it makes more useful . This IDE has direct link to learn how to work with this . So that’s a great product by the Microsoft for the developers . I love to work on this IDE .  The coding became too easier and faster after the launch of visual studio newer version. After learning from MVA I have develpoped windows phone and store apps and published 9 apps in the windows app stores . If you are working with C# , Xaml , JS , MySQL  ,  etc. . Here  we feel more comfortable than other IDE like Eclipse , Net beans etc. I can gain more and more knowledge about the various technologies like Azure , X-BOX development , Power Sell , Speech Recognition System  etc. f   Many of us think that the Microsoft is a software company only but it’s not true at all  because it not only provides software’s but also making mobiles under its Nokia Brand which also a reliable brand and well known for mobilization of India . It also makes Surface pro tablets which is based on a new technology of sensors . Microsoft_and_Nokia_complete_mobile_unit_deal I believe to help others by various social services .  I always share my knowledge with my colleges , family and others . Sharing the knowledge increasing our knowledge . I have taught  50+ people to use the windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and also properly operate the windows phone . I am an active member of my college windows developer groups . I have also developed a website based on operating systems .   If I become the Microsoft Student Associative  then I organize various events not only in my college but also worldwide by using the technology  of  internet . There are many webinars are conducted by Microsoft  but many people failed to use this advantage because of  language problems . Thus I have decided that  I will organize  the all events in the local languages .  By the helps of these events I will make awareness in the people about new technologies of Microsoft .  1913300_722492061145674_2098417007349325954_o      By ashish 🙂


12 thoughts on “My virtual Partner : Microsoft

  1. omg ashish!!!!!!! itni knowledge toh mujhey tmhaaarey baarey mein bing bhi nahi dey skta!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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