Ratibarh Days

Ratibarh Days

(From many days I was in the search of a suitable title for this post.


A TV series of DD National named “MALGURI DAYS” based on the novel written by R K Narayanan.)

The day was normal we were attending our lectures of electronics  but became unusual when I was selected to go in a village for teaching purpose. May be  a great opportunity for me to do something unique.

It was under a NSS activity.   In many colleges only cleaning and making a camp in a village just come in this but our college always focus on our growth in learning and building managing skills.

While the NSS coordinator gave me his bike’s key but the adversity was that I had never learn how to run a bike.One of my friend ask me that he can run the bike.  His name is kunal. While we often call him “a flying bird”. The reason behind it he never stay in the class more than a half hour.

The village of ratibarh is situated at eight kilometer from my college.
The teacher told us that behave properly with the students because they are too small so don’t give them hard work and also advised kunal to ride the bike slowly.

One the way of the village I think about the subjects to teach them. In our college our faculty are mainly focused on communication. So I had decided to teach them English grammar.  This village remembers me the villages of Bihar. But there is no any difference between in MP or Bihar village I think. The smell of village is always heart touching to me.


The NSS coordinator only gave the name of the school but where was located we don’t know. After asking many people we got our destination in an hour. After parking our bike we enter in it.  The small school was covered with various trees and flowers. We saw that the students are learning while some schools of our country the teacher come and just do their formality works only and student wanders in these school. So we recognize that this school is a good at all. The principal welcomed us. And they asked us to teach in class fourth. It was really surprising to me that I have never go a day in to class fourth in my school days. And at that time I was going to teaching purpose.

As we entered the classroom the children wished us with Good morning. Nearly 20 students come that day.images

I asked them  that this is your real strength or some are absent today. But that was their real strength.

The class teacher of forth class come and  gave us the attendance register. After that we started to teach and elaborating the subjects. No sooner the class teacher entered the room and said “what r you doing? Don’t worried so much. Teach them anything”. This was ridiculous for us. These students are future of our country  so  how can we teach them anything which is not according to their syllabus.  So we gave priority as per mentioned in their syllabus.books1

Some students were good but some were little weak. We noticed it and took more focus on them. We recognized that if they have a proper guidance they can do much better. At the end of lecture we say Good bye to them.

I am college freaking student as my friends say that Ashish wants to college will  be also open on Sunday. So school would never bored me.


The next day was going same as the first day but on the last day was our internal examination so we did not went the school. but i did not want to lost that. Before this I did never liked  the profession in teaching. I think that the person who can’t have a right  job go in the teaching profession’s. But now I am a changed man. Teaching was a respectable job for me.

Kunal was very busy on the fourth day in his audition of the first year students. So I told my friend mukhadhir to go there in the village school. He was ready. While he was famous in class for his own teaching techniques also. We generally says that Mukhtadhir was filling the form of IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) but unfortunately he fill the name of IES (InfoTech Education Society) College.download

Our gate pass is generated for three days and this was the fourth day. So we are stopped by the gateman (an astonishing fact about IES college that a gateman have as much power that he can stop a professor!!! while we were students) and the teacher of NSS was not eligible to make another gate pass. But after extremely request he make a gate pass.

I think mukhatadhir was a new learner of running a bike. Because he was  troubling with bike. Thanks God! after some time we were in the school. The students were taking their lunch at that time. Soon after this we started their teaching. This was the last day so we decided to tell them about some related to engineering like the general purpose machines and vehicles like trains and the living and nonliving things .

That was the last lecture by us.  Students of that little school need to learn many things and we also got a lots of knowledge during these three days. We have seen the ability of the villages’ students. We have todays many facilities like internet, college etc. but does us proper use them. Not at all!!!download (5)

We go to  the net for chatting, facebooking and so on. Some of the engineering students of famous cities come college few a days in a week.   These all things are not good for us. On the other hand the most pf villagers students don’t have daily newspaper but they are doing well.

These all incidents are turning point for us.

While I end this post in the hope that the next time we again have a chance to go in a  new village …….. 🙂


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