Soft computing and us…:)

cropped-abstract-hd-wide-screen-07-www-wallpapersshare-blogspot-com.jpgComputers are the need of the day , so it is very clear that we all know about the computing. In the simple way we can say that  counting  or calculating anything”. The field of computing is change  day by day …

No one can imagine about the variation of computing last decades. But now these become possible. In the first generation  the size of computer is like a big hall. But nowadays the computer can be put in our pocket also. This is the era of tablets , fablets or small and fast computing.

Now the computing is divided in two parts : hard computing and soft computing. images (6)While we are generally using hard computing which give only solution of those questions which are complete and in this techniques the computer can’t think by itself or select some approximate , partial truth , uncertainty or imprecise data to give the related answers . These are the limitations of hard computing which are responsible for the generation of the concept Soft computing.

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Soft computing is the computing by artificial intelligence , neural networks etc. …..thus we can say that  the computer have its own brain for solving problems . The role model of soft computing is human mind. Basically  Soft computing deals with imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation to achieve practicability, robustness and low solution cost. As such it forms the basis of a considerable amount of machine learning techniques.

There are various type of problems are generated in our human mind but some problem have not complete information. So we are unable to solve these. At this time the requirement of soft computing is necessary.

For an example if we think about to know our city temperature than we can find it on any weather forecasting sites ….bt if we want to  determining a suitable temperature for a room to make people feel comfortable. Then it can also be possible by use of soft computing.

Soft comp. has mainly these component…..artificial intelligence, neural networks , fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation   . Don’t worried all about these complicated words because after reading this  blog completely u are able to give a presentation about soft computing .

Many of us watch the movie IRON MAN 3 . images (1)In this movie the hero uses various types of soft computing techniques like he use the artificial intelligence to find the villain and save his heroin . While he is a super hero in the movie but all those techniques are possible and they are coming in the future  . The various researches are going on in famous  universities like MIT , Howard , MANIT(single project based on GPS modelling in BHOPAL ) also  .

Generally speaking, soft computing techniques resemble biological processes more closely than traditional techniques, which are largely based on formal logical systems, or rely heavily on computer-aided numerical analysis (as in finite element analysis

As I told u that soft computing consists of several computing paradigm mainly:

Fuzzy Logic : for knowledge representation via fuzzy( if-then rules) .

Neural Networks : for learning and adaptation

Genetic Algorithms  :  for evolutionary computing

The main goal of soft  computing is to develop intelligent mechanism (or machine) to provide solution to real world problems

Which are not modeled , or too difficult to model mathematically.

The aim is to exploit(use for benefit of the resource)  tolerance of approximation. Imprecision , uncertainty , partial truth In order to achieve resemblance  of human like decision making.

Approximation : means the models features is same as real ones but not as exactly same

Uncertainty  :  here the model features are not same as that  of the entity (belief)

Imprecision :  means the model is very closely to the real ones.

Fuzzy computing(FC)

images (2)

We want , the computer not only give human like answers but also describe  their reality level. These levels need to calculate by using imprecision and uncertainty of facts and rules that were applied. While the fuzzy computing is a vast topic so it will further describe in next blog.

Neural networks (NN)


Neural networks is a mimic of processing capabilities  of human brain  . It is an artificial representation of human brain that tries to  simulate its learning process . In the simple word by the NN our computer starts learning itself .  So this it can handle the large work by itself.

Genetic algorithm(GA)


It is a part of evolutionary computing which is based upon the Darvins concept of ‘survival of the fittest’

GA is good as taking large , potentially huge search spaces and navigating them looking for optimal combinations

Of things, solutions  might  can’t find by us in our whole life.

Associative memory(AM)

download (5)

Whether most of the memory based on the address but this one is based on the content. So it is a very fastest type of memory. It recall the data based on degree of similarities btw the input pattern and the pattern stored in the memory.

Adaptive resonance theory (ART)


Simple words we can say that the ART is the technique in which our computer learns by the input provided by the user.

Let’s come on the applications of the soft computing …….

In the field of web … the field of forensic , man machine communication, medical , face and target recognition , remote sensing … everywhere is the need of soft computing . Generally we have very less knowledge about this . The interesting fact is that many of us buy a computer for only making ppt, pdf , watching pictures, song ,movies  and playing Facebook …….very few  of us check our all software’s provided by the OS company .

Windows speech recognition is one of them … is a software from which we can communicate by the computer and operate the computer. In this firstly we play speech tutorial in it. I am using this from last year , why can’t u…….

Let try out  today………………:)

Good bye ……see u in next post.

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